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Birmux News is a media that collects and produces daily information on national and international news, business and political information, in French and in real time. News on Birmux News is always published after verification and approval. Thus, it is accompanied by the source, images or videos that can be viewed on the online television channel Birmux TV.


Being a media based on national and international news, it is possible to find what is happening in the world in real time and in almost all areas of social life: beliefs, politics, sport, health, technology , sciences, literature, culture, art, … The newspaper that operates online currently has a potential to reach as far as possible, ´to satisfy the research of everyone who wants to know the latest news from the world in real time. .


The Birmux News project was founded to give voice to the senses and raise awareness of free and peaceful expression for all. It is in this way that Birmux News collects information from everyone, accompanied by photo or video evidence, from any part of the world, in order to give everyone the possibility of knowing and making known the world.


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"The voice that reaches far"


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